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Cool Java Libraries Coming Soon!

In the next few days, I intend to release (with sources) some of the libraries I have written and found to be very useful. They range from random things like cool string processors for finding occurrences — which I believe is spelled wrong in the libraries, but whatever —  of strings in other strings (stringception!), to fully extensible client and server libraries. I would release it today, but I am currently working on an HTTP file download library which makes downloading webpages/whatever to your Java app really easy.

I hope you like em’ when they come out!

Jacket Positioning System: JPS

Well, as titles go, I guess this one is strange. But I shall digress and jump right in anyway.

A while ago, one of my friends and I came up with a silly idea while night orienteering (challenging enough in the day). We couldn’t see anything, so we had a person walk out ahead of the compass man and wave around a chem stick like a silly person until they were properly aligned with the compass bearing. This spawned the concept of embedding a few LEDs into a jacket  for reading maps and showing position. Our minds didn’t stop there, however, and we quickly advanced to the idea of having an entire GPS system integrated into the jacket. Thus, the Jacket Positioning System, or the JPS.

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